Yet again we've had another busy weekend here on the Yorkshire Coast.On saturday we started the day with a coasteering session for a hen party of 12 girls from Leeds, who (despite some hangovers) all did really well and were game for some of the more challenging aspects of our coasteer route. The alternative for them would have been a luxury spa day but they all agreed it was much more fun exploring the coastline and great to try something different.

We also squeezed in another group of 7 mates in the afternoon, who had come up from Nottingham for the weekend... Again a good time was had by all, pushing themselves more than they expected to and doing something which nobody had experienced before. There was a brief 'end of the world' style hailstorm to endure but it actually added to the overall experience and they all still had smiles on their faces afterwards!

Sunday wasn't exactly the day of rest but more the day of exhilarating fun and team-building during another one of our hugely popular coasteering sessions with the British Army. Another 28 new recruits were brought through to us on a coach from Catterick for a team-building jolly on the good old Yorkshire Coast. It's a great way for them to bond and get to know each other better having only been in the Army for two weeks. They all love the change in environment after what sounds like a grueling first fortnight getting used to the intensive training they've taken on.

Despite the frequent outbursts of rain we managed to get the BBQ going afterwards so ended the day with well deserved sausages and burgers which always go down well!

We're now looking forward to next weekend when we have yet another army group. Fingers crossed we might get some half decent surf to keep us all out of mischief in the meantime!

A huge well done and thank-you to all who took part in our activities this weekend... See you again soon!