When do you run lessons?
We run lessons twice a day at 10:00am and 1:00pm year round, surf permitting.
How long do lessons last?
Our surf lessons are all 2.5hrs long with the aim to spend as much time in the water as possible
What if there's no surf?
We ask you to contact us a few days prior to your lesson for a forecast, if it's looking flat you have a few different options. You can change activity, we offer stand up paddle board lessons and Coasteering (providing we're not already fully booked). You can re-book or have your deposit / payment refunded.
How do I book?
You can call the shop direct 01723 585585, email us your enquiry (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or buy a lesson voucher online and call to check availability or book in with some dates of your choosing. BUY VOUCHER
What do I need to bring?
We provide all the equipment for your activity, you'll need to bring swimwear and a towel. It might be worth having sun cream and something to drink although both are available from our onsite surf shop K10 Bay.
What facilities are there?
Aside from the pristine and picturesque horseshoe bay and consistent quality waves we have plenty more to offer. A fully stocked surf shop and hire centre run by friendly and approachable staff, £2 all day parking, drinks and snacks, toilets, changing facilities and free hot showers year round.
What can I expect to learn?
Our aim is to get you stood up surfing on your first lesson, although personal ability will certainly help some customers. After gearing up we spend half an hour on the beach going through the basics. This includes a safety brief, getting to know the equipment, and how to get out in waves. After these initial basics we go through how to catch a wave and ultimately how to get stood up. Everybody will learn at different rates, our aim is for customers to be able to return and have the confidence and knowledge to hire the same equipment and surf in ideal conditions unaided and be able to progress further.
How safe is coasteering?
As with any outdoor adventure sport there are risks involved, we aim however to provide an exciting activity within a safe environment and pride ourselves on our training and expertise in and out of the water.
All of our instructors are fully qualified Coasteering guides as well as fully qualified lifeguards and have many years of experience in our local waters, their primary goal is to keep you safe whilst ensuring your having fun. We have numerous routes on offer with varying degree's of difficulty i.e. some will have easier access for those not feeling overly adventurous or with younger members in the group.
We use only the very best equipment including purpose built coasteering wetsuits, well fitting buoyancy aids, helmets and full wetsuit boots, all designed to keep you warm comfortable and well protected. You can bring your own wetsuit and trainers if preferred - see "what should I bring?"
Where's the location for coasteering?
We have the perfect site just 30 minutes down the road from our Cayton Bay Shop. Flamborough Head has lots to offer with beautiful chalk cliffs, sheltered coves, bays and caves with plenty of scope for coasteering action. Because of the nature on the chalk geology and lack of sediment and clay (seen all along the East Coast) the waters here remain clear year round, providing the perfect conditions for safe coasteering and cliff jumping. These pristine clear waters really do make you feel like your somewhere far more tropical especially if your already used to the brown waters of the North Sea, and the intricate bays, gullies and rock stacks make for a perfect adventure playground for all ages.
Are there any restrictions on who can take part in coasteering?
Fitness is a factor, we would ask that all customers can swim a minimum of 25 meters unaided and be reasonably fit. We provide you with all the equipment including buoyancy aids but some physical fitness will be required. We teach both adults and children from age 9 with various routes to suit all ages and abilities. Younger children can be catered for providing parents are present on the course and conditions are suitable. Please call for details.
What should I bring?
You will need to bring swimwear and a towel possibly also sun cream through the summer months and something to drink before or after if required. There is a seasonal cafe near the car park on site where you can buy food and drinks as well as use public toilets. During the summer months we recommend you bring a pair of old trainers as they provide good protection and are hard wearing, you are welcome to bring your own wetsuit and/or wetsuit boots if you would prefer but we would ask they are of suitable thickness for the time of year. f you are unsure feel free to call / email for advice.
Can I wear my glasses?
No. We would recommend using disposable contact lenses, due to the nature of the sport you would likely lose or damage your glasses even if using the proper retainers.
Are there any maximum or minimum numbers? Can I come coasteering on my own?
We require a minimum of 4 people for the coasteering activity to take place. We cater for larger groups as well and for more than one group at a time using a staggered start system. Please call for details.You are welcome to book a group or single place where we will add you to an existing group, please call for availability.
How do I book?
You can book by calling our K10 store direct, we will need your chosen date, group size and deposit of £10 / head or alternatively you can pay in full - please note any outstanding balance to be paid on the day must be in cash as we don't have credit card facilities at our coasteering site, alternatively you can pay any remaining balance on the day over the phone by credit card if preferred.

If you would like any further details or need to check on a booking feel free to email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 01723 585585

Is stand up paddle boarding (SUP) difficult?
Anyone can take part in this exciting new sport, physical fitness and good balance will come into play if you want to push your limits and learn quickly. However if you take it steady and go through the motions slowly and in sequence copying the instructor you will quickly find this sport is accessible to almost anyone keen enough to try. Conditions can also come into play, calmer waters are obviously easier to master and for the intermediate some chop and small waves will increase the challenge where as more advanced riders may want to actually catch waves and ride them back in to shore. The beauty of this sport is that it's so progressive and even the most advanced riders can still paddle out in flat calm conditions to help improve smooth paddling, turning, balance and core fitness.
What can I expect to learn?
Every lesson starts with a brief safety introduction and talk through the equipment and water area to be used. We go through some basics on the beach before prone paddling the boards into chest depth water. Then comes the balance test! We will talk you through how to get into the standing position, how to place the feet, how to turn around and then how to paddle effectively using a combination of both paddle and foot / body movement to maximise forward momentum. Once comfortable we can then explore the bay within the constraints of the group and conditions allowing people to progress at their chosen rate. After the lesson you will be competent enough to paddle and manoeuvre the board alone in calm waters and even self rescue back to the beach by prone paddling if required. As you gain more confidence and skills you can venture out further into deeper water and small waves whether on an additional lesson or whilst hiring the equipment. All beginners lessons will be conducted in calm waters with little to no surf.
Is stand up paddle boarding safe?
Learning to SUP is incredibly safe if you learn the basics properly. For the uninitiated there are many risks such as board separation, rip currents, tides, water temperature and correct thickness / fitting wetsuits amongst many others. We teach in a safe and controlled environment with instructors who have to be fully qualified lifeguards and who have vast experience and knowledge of our local beaches. With the right equipment, tuition and conditions you will be able to relax and enjoy this fantastic new sport which is sweeping across the world.
What if I have a medical condition? Can I still take part in SUP lessons?
You will need some physical ability to successfully learn to SUP. The element of carrying the board, climbing back on to the board from the water where you can't push off the sea bed and then going from a kneeling to a standing position on the board whilst maintaining balance are key factors and obviously repeated often during the learning phase. If you feel this might be difficult or unwise we have other activities that you might find just as exhilarating but far more accessible such as body boarding. Please feel free to email or call if you have any concerns and we will be happy to help discuss your needs. If you have any medical conditions please let us know prior to you lesson, so we are aware and can make provisions even if it's something as simple as mild asthma that you rarely suffer from we still need to know.
What do I need to bring?
Well a go for it attitude and a sense of adventure for starters... as well as swimwear a towel and warm clothing for after the lesson. Don't worry we only use the best equipment so you will always be warm in the water and our hot showers are on 24/7. It would be wise to wear sun cream and/ or a hat through the Summer months as you will be getting twice the sun with the waters reflection, something to drink would also be recommended. Both water proof sun block and cold / hot drinks are available from the surf shop on site. We provide all the equipment you will need and it's all included within the lesson price.
How do I book?
We will need a suitable date of your choosing and group numbers (you are welcome to book individually) so we can check for availability and take a £10/ head deposit. We always ask you to call a few days prior to check conditions, if there is to much surf or there's nuclear offshore winds forecast we may have to postpone your lesson or alternatively you could change activity and try surfing instead (subject to availability).

To Book You can call the shop direct 01723 585585 or email us your enquiry at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
What facilities are there?
Aside from the pristine and picturesque horseshoe bay and consistent quality waves with an offshore reef providing calm waters on the low tide we have plenty more to offer. A fully stocked surf shop and SUP hire centre run by friendly and approachable staff, £2 all day parking, drinks and snacks, toilets, changing facilities and free hot showers year round.
What time do lessons start?
Lesson start times are the same as our surf lessons. 10:00am and 1:00pm although we can sometimes cater to your needs outside of peak business times, please call for further details.
What do you offer?
We have two different lesson types specifically taylored for youngsters. The kids club and the kids 5 day course.
For 2015 we will be running even more of our ever popular courses. We will run numerous full 5 day courses through the Summer Holidays as well as the after school surf club through the late Spring and Summer months making the most of light nights and the best seasons for surfing.
What do the courses cost?
The 5 day kid's course costs £100 and entails five 3hr sessions Monday to Friday. Usual times are 9:30am - 12:30pm although we may include a second afternoon session for another group if demand is high from 1:30pm - 4:30pm.
The Kids club is tailored more for youngsters in and around the Scarborough area, and is an after school session running one evening a week for ten weeks and costs £120. Please check back on our price list page or call / email for further details on our 2015 prices.
What if there's no surf?
We've managed to run every kids club/course over the last 5 years and for 2013 we will have some alternative activities avaliable such as paddle boarding and coasteering to get the kids out on the water and improve their balance, co-ordination and fitness. We will always surf where possible and will spend plenty of time going through the basics on the beach and surf safety before every session. We aim to not only make proficient surfers of these youngsters but pass on a wealth of knwoledge regarding the sea, local beaches and their vaired conditions whilst keeping the learning curve high and above all the lessons fun.
If the forecast is for a totally flat week we may well move the kids 5 day course to another week whilst giving you as much notice as possible.
What would they need to bring?
We provide all the equipment required, all the kids will need to bring is a towel and swimwear. Suncream and something to drink may be a good idea and certainly arequirement through the summer months (although we sell both on site if required) also warm clothing for after the lesson and the debrief to discuss how the lesson went and what we would have learned.
What facilities are there?
Aside from the pristine and picturesque horseshoe bay and consistent quality waves we have plenty more to offer. A fully stocked surf shop and hire centre run by friendly and approachable staff, £2 all day parking, drinks and snacks, toilets, changing facilities and free hot showers year round.
What age groups are covered?
We normally teach 9yrs and above with older teenages often on the course too, the average age would be 9-12 although this is not set in stone. We can accept ages as young as 7 or 8 provided parents are present and conditions are suitable. Please get in touch if you have any queries about younger kids wanting to surf as we are aware some youngsters can be proficient swimmers and used to being in and around the sea! We often run smaller private lesson with mum or dad in the water for younger potential surf stars...
How do we book?
If you want to check avaliability or find out when the next course is due feel free to call or email us direct. 01723 585585 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Course info will also be found on our Secretspot and Scarborough Surf School Facebook pages and these are the best places to check for the latest updates before calling to book.